From the Families

Clement's Kindness has been a huge blessing.  Because I've still got to have a house to live in, I've got to have a car.  They've helped make that happen.

 -Aleshia Gambrell, KeMarkus's mother  

My daughter, Taneisha, passed away in 2013 due to complications from Rhabdomayosarcoma Cancer.  When she was diagnosed in 2010, Clement's Kindness was there for our family.  They provided much needed parent and teen meetings, lunches, outings, trips and personal and financial assistance.  This was especially comforting when life seemed to be extremely blurry.  Clement's Kindness helped me with my daughter's final expenses, and I am beyond grateful for the kindness and care.  I am also thankful for the STAR Retreat at Camp Courage.  The time spent with other grieving parents is what we all needed.  Love and tears flowed through the camp and lifted us up to think of new possibilities in dealing with the loss of our children.

-Marilyn Stephens

"The help from Clement's Kindness was really heartfelt. They were there when no one else was. The special trips and outings they sponsor really help our children and families. We really enjoyed Carowinds and the fact that with Clement's Kindness help, they were able to include siblings. Although my son is the patient, my daughter suffers as well, and when she is included it really means a lot."

Edith Carrasco
Greenwood, South Carolina

"When we couldn't work, Clement's Kindness was there to help for those few months. Ever since we came to the hospital, our gratitude has been building up and we will be thankful to Clement's Kindness for the rest of our lives. Honestly, it's a blessing to be here today at the baseball stadium and watching our children play."

- Michele Jackson
Nathaniel P. Jackson
Abbeville, South Carolina

"We were very fortunate to have friends and family help with the cost associated with the transplant, but in 2009, our burdens really hit us once we got back home. Clement's Kindness has been a huge help to us with financial assistance for our many trips back and forth to Duke University and a car payment. Clement's Kindness has really been a blessing to us."

- Jose Ernesto and Bertha Fernandez
Kaylee Fernandez
Greenville, South Carolina

"We had to travel back and forth to Charleston so many times for treatments, and if Clement's Kindness wasn't able to assist with help for our car payment, my mom would have lost her car. I want to thank you for all you've done to help our family in our time of need."

- LeighAnn Scott
Austin Noah Scott
Pelzer, South Carolina

"Like any child, Maddison has been discouraged at times during her treatment because she couldn't do a lot of things that other kids can do. But when Maddison went to Camp Courage, she was just like all the other kids; she could canoe and do a lot of activities and she told me 'I felt like a normal kid again'. I'd like to thank Clement's Kindness for doing such wonderful things for our kids. I'm so grateful, I don't know what we would have done without their support."

- Fonda Chandler
Maddison Chandler
Gaffney, South Carolina

"Landon and our family would like to thank Clement's Kindness for giving us the opportunity to experience a different type of treatment that these special outings provide to our children. A day at the park or attending a special Clemson basketball practice gives Landon the extra energy to get through the hard times that come with treatment.

Pam Broughton asked my family if we wanted to go to a Clemson basketball practice that Clement's Kindness was sponsoring. Landon felt well enough to go and we had a great time. The team gave the kids basketballs, a tour of their locker room, and Landon had an opportunity to take his picture with the coach. They even had a dunking contest, which Landon really enjoyed. Clement's Kindness also sponsored a Furman game and Landon got to run down the hill and through the tunnel and then stand on the side lines to watch the game."

- Nicole Taylor
Landon Blake Taylor
Greenville, South Carolina

Dear Ms. Miller:

On behalf of the Lurtey family, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that your foundation does for families that are either in the midst of their cancer journey or for those of us who have already lost our loved one to cancer. I tried to send this thank you note a few times months ago, but whenever I tried to send the message, I received an error message. Patrick Jinks recently gave me a new email address to try.

We lost our precious 16 year old son to a rare cancer on May 10, 2013. Within two months of our son's death, we were attending the STAR meetings with other families that knew exactly what we were going through. I cannot tell you how valuable these meetings are to our well-being. We appreciate so much that your foundation makes it possible for these meetings to take place. I am sure we all have friends that are walking with us on this journey, but no one truly understands like the other families that attend these monthly meetings with us. I feel so grateful that someone still cares about us! I think it would be much more common for people to think we should all just "move on with life" or "get over it it". Thank you so much for "still caring" about our well-being.

Camp Courage for families that have lost a child to cancer was fabulous!!!! We had a wonderful time being with our STAR families! We shared our hearts, cried together and even laughed together. The food and accommodations were wonderful! It was good for our children to be together as well. They are often forgotten when it comes to the grieving process. People tend to focus more on the parents who have lost a child while forgetting that the siblings are hurting too!

I'm so sorry that this thank you note has taken so long to reach you. Please know that all of the STAR families appreciate your kindness to all of us! We are comforted and refreshed by being together.

Is there anything that I could do for you all? I want to use my grief in a positive way to help others. I feel so much better when I am helping others.

Thank you again for continually remembering our hurting hearts! Very Sincerely,

-David and Brenda Lurtey
Brandon, Lauren and Jeffrey and in loving memory of Todd