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Help Us Make a Difference


With your help and support, Clement’s Kindness can continue to make a big difference. A donation is the perfect opportunity to touch the hearts of these incredible families and see your generosity at work in the Upstate.

Every donation goes directly to the patients and their families. Your donation may be used for gas money to take a child back and forth for chemotherapy over the course of several months. Or your donation could provide funds for a plane ticket to visit a specialist across the country. Your donation may be used to help with a mortgage payment because a mother had to leave her job to care for her child. As you’ve seen, the needs are many, but so are the opportunities to help.

$5,000 will provide annual funds for the School Intervention Program, which helps transition and prepare children to reenter a school environment.

$2,500 will sponsor a Family Support Day and Retreat.

$1,000 will pay travel expenses for the family of a child needing a bone marrow transplant or experimental therapy.

$500 will help a family with a mortgage payment or their utility bills for a month.

$250 can fund a monthly lunch for the Teenage Support Group.

$150 can help a family with their power bill for the month.

$50 will pay for a gas card for transportation to and from appointments or a grocery store gift card.