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A little kindness can make a big difference!

Pam Broughton – Social Worker, BI-LO Charities Children’s Cancer Center

“In one way or another, every patient treated at the BI-LO Charities Children’s Cancer Center is impacted by the generous support of Clement’s Kindness. Whether it’s by the use of our beautifully updated Day Hospital, receipt of financial and travel assistance, participation in the annual Carowinds trip, teen outings, Clemson and holiday events, or attending Camp Courage, Clement’s Kindness has had a hand in helping to improve the experience for our patients and families. Thanks to Knox and Priscilla Haynsworth, in 2002 when there were no other organizations willing to do so, Clement’s Kindness was willing to provide the same comprehensive support for our hematology patients that they did for our oncology patients. That support continues today and is available to patients from the time of diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond. Having access to support like that is a social workers dream. In that respect, there is no other organization like it!”

Marilyn Stephens

“My daughter, Taneisha, passed away in 2013 due to complications from Rhabdomayosarcoma Cancer. When she was diagnosed in 2010, Clement’s Kindness was there for our family. They provided much needed parent and teen meetings, lunches, outings, trips and personal and financial assistance. This was especially comforting when life seemed to be extremely blurry. Clement’s Kindness helped me with my daughter’s final expenses, and I am beyond grateful for the kindness and care. I am also thankful for the STAR Retreat at Camp Courage. The time spent with other grieving parents is what we all needed. Love and tears flowed through the camp and lifted us up to think of new possibilities in dealing with the loss of our children.”

Genna, mother of Gianna

“Clement’s Kindness has given our family a sense of normalcy for the last 3 years after our world was turned upside down. I remember going to our first event, the Christmas parade viewing, and feeling comfortable because we were with so many other families that were fighting the same battle as we were. To know that we were with others that had the same concern of germs, crowds etc. after trying our hardest to minimize public places when our daughter was very sick allowed us to enjoy time as a family. Mrs. Sandra is so helpful and we are very thankful for her and to Clement’s Kindness for all they have done for our families and those around us.”

Tosha, mother of KeMarkus

I love Clement’s Kindness. CK is like an extended family to me and my family. There are not many organizations that offer the support that you get from CK. With CK, not only do you get encouraging words, love and support, you also get financial help with anything you need while your loved one is sick and in the hospital. They also offer many outlets like Carowinds trips and many other events and activities. This gives the parents a little break and gives the child a chance to be with other kids that are sick like them where they can share their stories. Most of all, the CK staff show so much love and support. I love CK so much because as a single mom with a sick child they help some of my financial burdens and make things easier so that I can focus on my sick child instead of my financial problems. If there is ever an organization that you want it to donate to, please donate to CK-they are the best!

David and Brenda Lurtey, parents of Todd
In loving memory of Todd

On behalf of the Lurtey family, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that your foundation does for families that are either in the midst of their cancer journey or for those of us who have already lost our loved one to cancer.

We lost our precious 16 year old son to a rare cancer on May 10, 2013. Within two months of our son’s death, we were attending the STAR meetings with other families that knew exactly what we were going through. I cannot tell you how valuable these meetings are to our well-being. We appreciate so much that your foundation makes it possible for these meetings to take place. I am sure we all have friends that are walking with us on this journey, but no one truly understands like the other families that attend these monthly meetings with us. I feel so grateful that someone still cares about us! I think it would be much more common for people to think we should all just “move on with life” or “get over it it”. Thank you so much for “still caring” about our well-being.

Camp Courage for families that have lost a child to cancer was fabulous!!!! We had a wonderful time being with our STAR families! We shared our hearts, cried together and even laughed together. The food and accommodations were wonderful! It was good for our children to be together as well. They are often forgotten when it comes to the grieving process. People tend to focus more on the parents who have lost a child while forgetting that the siblings are hurting too!

Please know that all of the STAR families appreciate your kindness to all of us! We are comforted and refreshed by being together.  Thank you again for continually remembering our hurting hearts!